The Incredible Boom Mine

Boom Mine in Boom Beach
Some people love mines, other people hate them. I love them, especially the incredibly powerful Boom Mine.

Here’s what SuperCell has to say about them in the game:

The Boom Mine stops the enemy in their tracks! Its armor piercing blast does double damage to tanks.

They’re great for taking out large masses of troops, such as Riflemen or Warriors. And against tanks they’re incredibly deadly. They’re so dangerous that most players try to take them out immediately with Artillery when attacking an island base.

Here’s some basic strategy for placing Boom Mines on your own island for maximum defense:

  • Place Boom Mines away from regular Mines and other Boom Mines, as they are capable of dealing with a group of troops all by themselves.
  • Keeping some distance between Boom Mines can also prevent attackers from triggering all of them through a Barrage attack.
  • Some players place Boom Mines in hidden places (like behind trees or tall buildings) to help prevent attackers from seeing them or triggering them with artillery or a barrage.

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