What’s Your Favorite Troop Combo?

There are so many combinations of troops in Boom Beach that you can use. What’s your favorite one? Right now, I’m using “Scanks” (Scorchers + Tanks) nearly every time.

Boom Beach Scanks


Colonel Gearheart

Colonel Gearheart on Blue Background

There’s a new villain in town and her name is Colonel Gearheart. She appears for players who have already defeated the Level 45 Hammerman base and her island appears in that same spot. She’s now a part of the new 6-day event cycle in Boom Beach and her island is called War Factory. According to most players, it’s one of the toughest events in the game.

Here is how it works. You get three attempts to attack her island base, which is heavily fortified with high level defenses and ice statues. It works in a similar fashion to the Task Force missions, but instead of invading with a team, you attack solo up to three times. Most players will need to plan out a strategy and attack with different troop compositions to defeat the island base.

This is what her island base looks like.

War Factory - Colonel Gearheart